Le Scamandre Rosé, un vin de gastronomie

Scamandre Rosé: A Wine for Gastronomy

Alicia Moore, not only an internationally known singer under the name of Pink, but also a winemaker based in California, came to Scamandre to discover the culture and breeding of Grenache grapes and fell in love with our Rosé. In two interviews, she names Scamandre Rosé as "[her] favorite rosé in the world".

The particularity of this wine is that it comes from a very old Grenache plot which naturally produces 10 to 15 hl per hectare. This is very little compared to standard yields (between 30 and 40 hl per hectare). If we can afford to vinify such a small quantity of grapes, it is because we have a press that only collects 400kg of grapes at a time. For comparison, a small "normal" press contains 2 tons. This also allows us to work the juice in a more selective way and therefore in a qualitative way.

Scamandre Rosé is a direct pressing rosé. The pressing of the grapes is done slowly and the juice is quickly isolated to limit the risk of oxidation. The wine is then aged for 6 months in old barrels. As the juice remains in contact with the grape skins for a very short time during pressing, Scamandre Rosé is naturally very clear and will color over time with orange notes.

We can only produce 1200 bottles per year of this gastronomic wine which is often mistaken for a great white wine during blind tastings. Following a tasting at the estate in 2021, the journalist Jean Dusaussoy published an article in the magazine En Magnum highlighting the very good aging potential of Scamandre Rosé. However, we believe that its tasting within 2 or 3 years after its bottling is the most favorable.

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