The Estate
In 2000, Nadine and Franck Renouard paid a visit to their friend the painter Pierre-Marie Brisson in Petite Camargue. Both passionate about wine and contemporary art, the pair instantly fell in love with the region. Then almost by chance, they stumbled on a property packed with untapped potential...

At that point, chance gave way to expertise. The Renouards’ scientific analysis of the surrounding area revealed a terroir comparable to Châteauneuf du Pape, in the particular climate of the southern Rhône Valley. They knew they had found a hidden gem.

With the help of oenologist Stéphane Beuret, the Renouards transformed these few hectares of vines into an avant-garde and ambitious enterprise: the Scamandre Estate. In 2003, their determination bore fruit, and a first grand vin was born. The Renouards’ methodical fantasy had become a reality: they named the wine Scamandre.
Our values
The secret of the Scamandre team lies in a logical approach that reinvents traditional methods of winemaking.

As the Scamandre label signifies, our grapes are masterfully sculpted into modern wines at the very cutting edge of the Rhône Valley. This continual quest for perfection and innovation is paired with a strong environmental conscience. Every part of the estate’s infrastructure is designed to respect the principles of organic farming: from modern architecture that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape to a private water treatment plant feeding clean water back into the soil.

The estate is also a pioneer of agroforestry. More than 2,000 trees have already been planted to improve biodiversity, with a total target of 3,500 new trees by 2025.
In the making of the Scamandre wines, traditions are distilled into a rigorous method and a deep understanding of the art of winemaking, down to its minutest details.

The whole of the estate is farmed organically. Yields are controlled. Every grape is picked by hand. The impeccable quality of all grapes stored in our cellars, together with our stringent standards of hygiene and machinery upkeep, mean we can keep our use of sulphur to a strict minimum. Some of our cuvées, including the Côme Autrefois-Le Mourvèdre, have no added sulphur. Every aspect of the vineyard’s activities is run with the same meticulous attention to detail and scientific expertise, which make the Scamandre brand a standard for wines across the Rhône Valley.
By planting trees on agricultural land, the aim of agroforestry is to foster plant and animal biodiversity, improve soil quality and water retention for crops, while making an aesthetic contribution to the landscape. Planted between or on the edges of plots, the trees also provide shelter from the wind and protection for vines. Today, agroforestry is recognised as an effective strategy for combating global warming.
The Scamandre Estate is an industry leader in vitiforestry (agroforestry in viticulture). To support our work, we have partnered with the agricultural cooperative Agroof and the Yves Rocher Foundation. The initiative began in 2007 with the planting of 240 trees, then expanded in 2012 with the planting of new hedges and 30 different tree varieties. With more than 2,000 trees already growing on Scamandre plots, our aim is to hit 3,500 by 2025. The planting of this oasis of biodiversity is just one aspect of the agroecological mission we embarked on when we created the estate. If you would like to contact us with any questions about vitiforestry at Scamandre, click here .
The team
Our founders
Environmental enthusiasts Nadine and Franck Renouard were way ahead of the curve when it comes to eco-farming. Back in 2000, in the midst of the French wine crisis and the Internet boom, these two former dental surgeons set about creating a cutting-edge wine estate championing sustainable development. Fast forward several years, and they now head up a 30-hectare winegrowing operation, complete with 13 hectares of vines and a commitment to combating the climate crisis. By rethinking traditional winemaking in line with natural processes, the Renouards and their second-in-command, Stéphane Beuret, have succeeded in producing a wine in keeping with their passion for the environment; all while using methods of the utmost perfectionism.
Our partners
An oenologist trained at the Bordeaux Wine School, Stéphane Beuret was awarded the Grand Prix of the CIVB (Interprofessional Wine Council of Bordeaux) for his study “The Influence of Different Viticultural Techniques on the Maturation of the Principal Bordeaux Grape Varieties" (Influence des différentes techniques viticoles sur la maturation des principaux cépages du Bordelais). Since then, Stéphane has garnered a host of other awards: he was a finalist for the Winegrower of the Year Trophy in 2001; he has twice won First Prize in the Vinalies Nationales competition; he won the Gold Medal at the 2002 Bordeaux International Challenge; he was ranked first in the 2003 Hachette Wine Guide as the “Judge’s Favourite”; the list goes on. Above and beyond his credentials, Stéphane is an understated wine enthusiast and a tireless craftsman, who has accumulated years of experience in prestigious estates throughout Europe. His meticulous work has made him an indispensable member of the Scamandre team.
A more recent addition to the Scamandre team, Julien Dussert brings the wine experience he built up over his long career as a sommelier. Working alongside some of the finest chefs, Julien has developed a sure sense of food and wine pairing that makes him an essential associate in the Scamandre enterprise. He helps to taste and blend the estate’s wines. Also an outstanding cook, it was Julien who spearheaded our Tables de Scamandre dining events.
Laurent joined the Scamandre team in 2021. He has extensive experience of wine-making, gained through his work both in France (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, the Northern Rhône and Provence) and abroad (New Zealand, California, Canada and Chile). Laurent is in charge of managing the estate. His diligence and attention to detail complement the Scamandre team perfectly.
Noellie joined the Scamandre team in 2021. She coordinates wine tourism operations and corporate seminars on the estate, while also playing an active role in wine production, particularly during the grape harvest. Noellie uses the training she gained during a diploma in agriculture, wine tourism and cultural management to promote the Scamandre brand both to visitors on the estate and during wine fairs and trade shows.