Le miel de Scamandre

Scamandre honey

Since 2010, we have welcomed around ten beehives to the estate and have taken care to place the swarms in a way that preserves the habitat of wild bees, which are also very present. In a period when the production of (real) honey is decreasing worldwide, we make every effort to provide a favorable environment for our bees.

We therefore preserve areas specially dedicated to flowering fallow land and continue to plant melliferous trees. We regularly plant flowers between the rows of vines that bees love, such as phacelia, clover and other vetches. Not only do these flowers serve the bees, but they are also known to provide nitrogen to the soil and to act as a "green" fertilizer. Our bees can also enjoy our fruit trees, acacias, lavender, rosemary and our thyme bed.

All this flora makes our honey very aromatic, floral, with fine hints of garrigue. We usually have three harvests per year, and even if the harvest period influences the taste, it always remains complex and very aromatic. At the beginning of summer, we also place some beehives in the lavender fields to obtain a very sweet honey.

The production of Scamandre honey remains artisanal: the estate has its own honey house and the nectar is extracted using a manual centrifuge. Honey is only sold on the estate or by direct order to the property.

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